Charger Plates

Take your tablescape to the next level at your event or wedding with our collection of gorgeous charger plates. For added glamour or to complement a rustic, luxurious, or earthy-woodland look, using the best charger plates can do that. If you’re searching for the right acrylic charger plates, gold charger plates, or the most unique wedding charger plates, we’ve got you covered for all events. Our carefully curated selection of 13” charger plates are available in a variety of stunning looks, including plain, beaded, round, square, or diamond. We carry the most dynamic array of charger plates to offer just the right touch of elegance.

Beaded Glass Charger Plates
Beaded Style Acrylic Charger Plates
Faux Wood Charger Plates
Plain Acrylic Charger Plates
Reef Glass Charger Plates
Royal Antique Charger Plates
Wood Slice Charger Plates
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