Lace Table Overlays

Dress your event with the classic romance of lace! Our Lace Overlays will give your decor a touch of timeless elegance with a gorgeous intricate pattern and exquisite texture. Made of durable spun polyester, our overlays are fantastically soft to the touch while still being able to hold up to the events of your big day. Pair our Lace Overlays with any of our solid tablecloths for an unforgettable look!

72" Square Lace Table Overlay-Black
72" Square Lace Table Overlay-Ivory
72" Square Lace Table Overlay-White
72" Square Quaker Lace Overlay-Black
72" Square Quaker Lace Overlay-Ivory
72" Square Quaker Lace Overlay-White
90" Square Lace Table Overlay-Black
90" Square Lace Table Overlay-White
90"Square Lace Table Overlay-Ivory
60"X120"Rectangle Lace Overlay-White
60"X120"Rectangle Lace Overlay-Ivory
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