Chiavari Chair Back Covers

Modern and stylish, chairvari chairs offer the option to incorporate versatile chair back covers into your event’s design.
Ideal for wedding receptions, birthdays, and other celebrations, these beautiful chair back covers are intended to complement a wide range of event color and theme options. Each chair cover will fit a chiavari (or chiavari style) chair. Chiavari chairs have risen in popularity over the past decade and are commonly used in restaurants, hotels, and other function venues. From appealing satin rosettes to a romantic curly willow option to reliable spandex chair back covers, we offer choices suitable for every taste. 
A chair back cover takes only seconds to put onto a chair and yet they have the ability to completely transform the room. Once all of the chairs are covered the final effect is breathtaking. Our chair back covers are available in different colors as well as varied designs.

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