Stripe Satin Tablecloths

Make a striking statement with our modern Stripe Satin Tablecloths in Black & White! The bold, two-inch stripes create crisp lines while the satin provides a soft sheen. Black & white make an ideal canvas for adding slashes of color and are perfect for weddings, Quinceaneras, birthday celebrations, or any other special occasion. Be on trend and create a sensation with our Stipe Satin Tablecloths!

90"X132"Rectangle Stripe-B/W
90"X156"Rectangle Stripe-B/W
120"Round Satin Stripe-B/W
120"Round Satin Stripe-Blue/White
120"Round Satin Stripe-Red/White
132"Round Satin Stripe-B/W
132"Round Satin Stripe-Blue/White
132"Round Satin Stripe-Red/White
90"X132"Rectangle Stripe-Pink/White
90"X132"Rectangle Stripe-Blue/White
90"X132"Rectangle Stripe-Red/White
90"X156"Rectangle Stripe-Blue/White
90"X156"Rectangle Stripe-Red/White
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